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About us

We organize dive trips throughout the UK as well as abroad. It’s the Club’s philosophy to encourage our members to go diving whenever & where ever we can.

This is backed up with a fully endorsed training programme covering all experience levels from complete novice to advanced and beyond. We also encourage instructor development to help maintain our membership.

Diving can also open up many other hobbies, such as underwater photography, marine conservation. archaeology, wreck identification, navigation, sailing, instructing... and lots more.

Whether you are already a qualified diver or have never done it before but would like to learn, Worcester Divers has plenty to offer you.

Worcester Divers is a club that’s run by the members for the members. The club was established in the early ‘70’s, and is the largest diving club in Worcester. We are a friendly group with members from all walks of life, and all age groups. We have trained 100’s of divers over the years to enjoy the underwater experience. We are British Sub-Aqua Club (BS-AC) branch 0562 - and we welcome all divers.

If you’re already qualified, we’d like to meet you no matter which affiliation you trained with (PADI, SAA etc). We welcome all divers of all grades & you can continue to dive on your current qualification or you can join one of our crossover courses to attain a BS-AC qualification. You can then progress your training within the club at your own pace.

If you’ve never done it before, we can introduce you to the world of diving with one of our try-dives at Worcester swimming pool. Then if you feel you’d like to take it up, we can enroll you on our Ocean Diver course to get you started.