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The Committee do vital work to keep the club running as smoothly as possible, the club simply wouldn’t function without them.

We take pride in being a typically democratic club, Committee posts are nominated, seconded and voted on at our Annual General Meeting. On occasions when posts are unopposed, very often the previous post holder will stay on for another year. Any member is welcome to sit on the Committee, the only two roles requiring qualification are the Diving Officer and the Training Officer.

If we have junior members in the Club, the Welfare officer makes sure they’re all kept safe sound and being looked after properly.

The Membership Secretary deals with all the membership issues and registrations with BSAC. Supreme pester power is a requirement for the job to make sure we all cough up our subs on time.

The Chairperson is what we used to call Chairman before the days of PC.The Chairperson aims to steer the club in the right direction, if the right direction can’t be found, it’s steered to the nearest pub where directions have been known to become a little blurred.

It’s the D/O’s responsibility to make sure that we all dive safely and behave ourselves, an almost impossible job requiring knowledge, high level of experience, responsibility, diplomacy, tact, determination and if all else fails, a liberal sense of humour. The D/O also manages the diving calendar as well as signing off all qualifications.

It’s a requirement that the D/O is a minimum of BS-AC Advanced Diver

The Club’s secretary needs to be organised, methodical and ever so slightly bureaucratic in order to maintain all the various bits of paperwork involved with running the club. An ability to read & write - fast is prerequisite as the role involves taking and writing up the minutes for the Committee meetings.

The Treasurer squirrels away all the Club’s money and makes sure we can’t get our hands on it. The Treasurer also produces a monthly and annual accounts sheet which baffles most of us but usually the bottom figure looks about right.

The T/O oversees the Club training activities and makes sure we’re all suitably qualified for the diving we do. Arranging training days or weekends, organising theory lessons and twisting the arms of the instructors are just some of the many tasks the T/O has to do.

The T/O has to be a qualified Open Water Instructor as a minimum.

With so many ham fisted divers making use of the boat, the Boat Officer has a busy job keeping it operational and safe for the next trip.

Some of the many events the club has taken part in over the years include:- ten-pin bowling, dragon boat racing, caving and pot-holing, cycle rides, BBQs, ceilidhs, pot dives, murder-mysteries, theatre nights, gigs, spinning, archery, paint-balling, Halloween parties, go-carting, clay pigeon shooting - and of course diving.

The Social Secretary organises the various activities and makes it happen.

2018 Committee


Diving Officer



Training Officer

Membership Secretary

Equipment Officer

Welfare Officer

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General Committee

Boat Officer

Social Secretary

General Committee

Any member can get involved with Committee work, a good place to start is as a General Committee member. We have up to 4 places for General Committee. There are no specific duties in the role and it doesn’t require any particular skills, just a willingness to help and get involved.  

The Club possesses lots of diving kit that all needs looking after, repairing and servicing. The Equipment Officer keeps everything in tip top condition for all to borrow when needed.

General Committee

Duncan Locke


Diving Qualification:  First Class Diver, National Instructor.  I teach on the BSAC Instructor Training Scheme and I am also qualified to teach and examine on many of the BSAC’s Skill Development Courses.  

Age:  I started diving in 1981 at the age of 32 so you can work it out for yourself!

Previous Committee positions:  Diving Officer, Training Officer, Secretary and Committee Member.

First dive:  I don’t remember my first Scuba dive, but it was almost certainly under Swanage Pier in 1981.  When I started diving, initial training consisted of three open water snorkel dives before progressing on to Scuba diving.  I do vividly remember my first open water snorkel dive:  in Swanage Bay, in a hired wetsuit, in April and when we came out of the water it was snowing hard.  It wasn’t very warm either!

Favourite dive:  I’ve dived in many places overseas, but I really like British diving because of its variety and my favourite dive location has to be St Kilda.  It is some years since Worcester Divers went to St Kilda and it’s not the easiest place to get to, but the diving is absolutely superb.  Clear blue oceanic water and amazing underwater scenery:  cliff faces, canyons, underwater arches, tunnels, etc. plus very abundant marine life.  I’d love to go back!

Why do you dive?  I just enjoy being in the water.  I find it very relaxing though it can have its challenges, which add to the experience.  One thing that I really like about Scuba diving is the interesting people that you meet as it attracts people from all walks of life, all with a common interest in going underwater.

Faye Hankin

Club Secretary

Age: 39

Diving Qualification: Advanced Open Water

First Dive: 2011. A try dive somewhere in the Red Sea which I undertook with considerable trepidation. The 30 minutes went by like 30 seconds and the moment I surfaced I knew that I had to get back in the water as soon as possible. Instantly hooked!

Favourite Dive: Hands down, SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea. Each cabin has its own shoal of brightly coloured fish and resident Giant Morays. Being relatively new to diving there are countless more places that I can’t wait to visit. The UK has so much left to explore, not to mention the rest of the world.

I joined Worcester Divers to keep my skills up with the weekly pool sessions but I soon discovered that the club has far more to offer. I will be doing my Sports Diver training next and taking part in all the many trips that the club organises both here and abroad.

Andy Garton


Welfare Officer


Chris Redman

Boat Officer

There’s no-one knows their way around a tube of silicone like Chris. If it’s bust Chris’ll fix it.

We keep him locked up in the boat shed where he seems to be quite happy tinkering away, but in keeping with human rights, we do let him out for the occasional dive now & again.

Chris’ inventiveness is legendary, having apparently graduated from the Blue Peter School of Ingenuity; what he can do with a yogurt pot, coathanger & some sticky back plastic is simply amazing - but that's a different sort of website. 

Richard Lewis

General Committee

Profession: Sports Therapist
Grade: Sports Diver
Favourite dives: The Farne Islands, and Swanage.

I did my first dive years ago on holiday, and loved every minute of it. It is only in the last year that I decided to take formal training in scuba diving, and I was fortunate to get in contact with Worcester Divers. The training program has allowed me to progress to Sports Diver, which will open up a whole new world or wrecks, reefs, and drift dives. The diving in the UK is amongst the best in the world, and with modern Drysuit technology, colder water presents no problems. I will dive all through the year!

General Committee

Clare Anthony

Social Secretary

Age: 22

Qualification: Ocean Diver (Sports Diver in training)

First Dive:

I was 14 doing my ocean diver and feel my log book says it all:

23/07/2008 Selsey Lifeboat Station

“I did a tired diver tow – the modified diver push. I found it easier to tow with my head submerged. I saw 11 fish, 1 being a tom pot blenny. I also saw a spider crab when we went to see a big anchor. Linda my instructor was very surprised when she could audibly hear me chatting away underwater even with my demand valve in. She especially was confused when she heard the words ‘ooo crab!’ and turned to see me pointing at the spider crab.”

Favourite Dive

Now you can call me boring however I am a massive social diver, I enjoy the whole experience of the day/weekend or week away with friends/family as well as the underwater bit. So I would say my favourite dive was actually at Guildenburgh – yes a quarry! Again I was only 14 at the time and had a great day out with my parents and sister my Godfather and his sons came along too so there was a group of us. Although my highlight was probably a rather competitive game of underwater pool on a sunken table we found with weighted balls, needless to say my log book states I definitely won!

Why I dive

Why not? I love it all - from the shivering quarries to sunbathing on a boat dry suit half rolled down. Camping, pub trips, trips abroad. It’s not just a sport/hobby but a great social community to get into!

Mike Bonner

Membership Secretary

1st Dive:
One of my earliest dives with the club was on the James Egan Layne, Plymouth. It was one of my final dives before completing the Ocean Diver qualification.  I remember it pretty well as it was that dive that made me feel like a ‘007’, the sun was shining down from above and casting fantastic shadows through the structure, almost like a movie set, but this was real-life!

Favourite Dive:
Tough one as most dives have that unique memory, whether it be an amazing wreck, reef or drift dive, or simply because a dull dive was made all the more fun due to you or your buddy doing something that can be brought up for laughs time and time again!

Why do I dive?
For the adventure, there’s a lot more to a dive trip than just the diving. The road trip, the camping, the caravanning, the RIB, the Hard boat, the new sites, the old sites, the good weather, the bad weather; the good fry-up - and sometimes no fry-up! - and everything in-between, all makes for a great time.
Where else these days can you go and not pick-up a call or email?!

Training Officer


If you are interested in taking on this role, please contact the Chairperson or any member of the committee

General Committee

Andrzej Oleksiewicz

Equipment Officer

Gordon Procter

Diving Officer

Diving Qualification: First Class Diver, Instructor Trainer

First Dive: Martins Haven in the Pembrokeshire Marine Nature Reserve

Favourite Dive: SS Hispania in the Sound of Mull