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If you’re already a qualified diver you may be looking for a club where you can indulge your diving passion. Being a member of Worcester Divers carries many benefits including:-

To join the club as a qualified diver you have two simple options.

Option 1

You can simply join the club and continue to dive on your existing qualification. We recognise just about all diving affiliations - PADI, SAA, NAUI, SSAC, CMAS, TDI, as well as BS-AC of course.

Joining the club this way, we would simply confirm your qualification by issuing a Statement of Alternative Training (SALT) equivalency certificate. If deemed necessary, there may be a couple of informal introductory lessons just to bring you up to speed with BS-AC diving and the club’s principles.

With this option there is no further training included in your joining fee - though as a member, you will be able to enrol on any courses that we are running.

This option very often suits the more experienced divers who have perhaps reach a level of qualification at which they are happy to stay, and therefore have no immediate need to progress their diver training.

Option 2

As an alternative to the SALT route, and assuming you are new to BS-AC, you can join as a crossover member. This option includes diver training to achieve the next BS-AC equivalent grade beyond your existing qualification.

For example, if you currently hold a PADI Open Water Diver certificate, the next BS-AC equivalent grade would be Sports Diver (conduct dives to 35 metre max. depth, incurring decompression penalties), so you would automatically be enrolled on a Sports Diver training course. In the interim, you would continue to dive on your existing certification.

This option is usually more suitable for new members who have completed a basic diving qualification, perhaps whilst on holiday, and wish to pursue it further.

We have many members who have joined Worcester Divers as crossover members and have gone on to become very experienced divers, some have even gone on to become instructors.  

Whichever route you choose, you can rest assured you will be made welcome at Worcester Divers.


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