Why? Seven tenths of the Earth’s surface is under water… why not!

How? Worcester divers is British Sub-Aqua Club affiliated & so able to conduct all diver training within the club with our qualified instructors. We can also run a variety of development courses within the club; boat handling, oxygen administration, lifesaving, marine archaeology & many more. We can supply the equipment for basic training & take you through the stages at a pace that suits you. You can then progress your experience with further training & diving when you want to.

Where? We go diving in locations all over the world as well as most of the UK. Recent dive trips include: South coast, Devon, Hampshire, Dorset, West Wales, Scotland, Egypt, Maldives, Mediterranean, Cuba, Norway… BS-AC qualifications are respected where ever you go so if there’s water there, we’ll dive it.

When? We meet every Thursday evening at Worcester Swimming Pool in Bilford Road, followed by The Dragon Inn, The Tything, but we dive throughout the year – whenever we can.

Who? Our members come from all walks of life, and all ages. Good general fitness is prerequisite & you need to be confident in water, but you don’t have to be super human. We welcome members who have already qualified with other agencies as well as total beginners.

What? We dive on shipwrecks, reefs, islands, drop-offs, pinnacles, in the sea, in quarries, in reservoirs or just about anywhere where there’s water. We dive from the shore, charter a day boat or live-aboard or we have our own 5.8 Metre RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). We have members who have taken up underwater photography, videography, archaeology, marine biology, teaching, seamanship, fish-watchers, wreck detectives… or those who just enjoy being underwater.

How deep? Our philosophy is that training & experience is more important than depth. That said, the first level (Ocean Diver) allows you to dive to 20 metre max. depth under supervision, subsequent grades will cover for depths of 35 metres & 50 metres respectively. Deeper depths are achievable over time with greater experience but the training becomes much more rigorous. Most of the dive trips that are run through the club are in the 20 to 40 metre range.

How much £’s? As with many recreations, it doesn’t come cheap. But training through a club is a very cost efficient way to take up diving. We’re a non profit making club which can keep costs down. We’ll loan you the equipment for your initial training & our instructors give their time freely. You’ll be able to share the cost of boat charters, travelling & accommodation, & pick up tips on how & where to buy equipment. And of course, you’ll make some new friends to share the experience with.

If you would like to have a taster session & find out more, please
contact us to arrange for a try-dive at Worcester swimming pool.

Worcester Dive Club

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