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Having done a try dive, you may feel you would like to join the club & take it up. On joining Worcester Divers as a new diver you will be assigned an instructor. As well as teaching you to scuba dive, your instructor will act as your mentor, guide and initial point of contact until you find your feet in the club and get to know some of the other members.

You will also be issued with your loan equipment for your pool lessons. You will be shown how to look after this equipment as you will take it home with you & be responsible for it, though the cost of any maintenance will be met by the club. You keep this equipment until you are ready to progress to the open water lessons.

The first diving grade is the Ocean Diver qualification which is designed for those who are complete beginners.

The course entails as a minimum - 5 pool lessons, 7 Theory lessons + a theory test & 5 open water lessons. Practical lessons will cover all the basic skills such as mask clearing, entry & exits, regulator retrieval, buoyancy control, air sharing & basic rescue techniques. Some new divers find they need more than 5 pool lessons so you’ll find your instructor has the patience to adopt a pace to suit you.   

During one of your first pool sessions you will be required to swim a few 25 metre lengths of the pool to demonstrate your water confidence.

The theory lessons are normally presented to trainees as a group. As well as being easier for instructors, this gives new members an opportunity to get to know their fellow trainees. Theory lessons cover subjects such as basic physics, physiology, decompression tables, diving protocol, equipment and dive organisation.

Once qualified, you will be able to dive to 20 metre maximum depth on supervised dive trips. You will also be able to follow through to the next grade of Sports Diver.


Generally we have two intakes a year for the Ocean Diver course; one in February the other in September though we can make allowances depending on circumstances.

The club’s instructors dedicate a lot of time & effort preparing lessons & teaching you to dive. They give their time freely & willingly because they enjoy it and want you to join in the diving with us. All we ask as your part of the deal as a trainee is that you make the time to attend lessons when they are put on for you, turn up in good time and give plenty of notice if you really have to cancel a lesson.  

New trainee divers